“What’s the right team for me? Discover new approaches and cost-effective solutions to deliver your brand objectives

22 October 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

Today, the different ways to deliver your brand objectives are vast. Gone are the days where permanent field sales teams were the only option available. Now it’s clear that one size doesn’t fit all, there are a variety of solutions to consider when deciding how to best hit your brand goals or budget.

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Throughout the next few weeks we’ll explore all options, focusing the most time on the four highlighted areas, to help you understand the different approaches to field sales including the most efficient ways to achieve different goals, and get the most of budgets of all sizes.

With a recession looming and the cost-of-living crisis tightening, now is the time to be smart with your money and ensure you choose the right option for your brand. Here’s an overview of the mix of services that can help deliver your objectives during challenging times… for the full details please follow our LinkedIn for the detail behind each area:


Surge your sales for fixed periods incl peak season

Need to surge your sales for specific selling occasions but don’t have the budget for a permanent year round team? Seize those all-important selling opportunities through a new style of fixed term teams where and when you need it most. Make the most of seasonal peaks in specific regions or locations, improve your distribution and visibility where and when it matters, grow share for your brand or launch a new product with ease and efficiency. Get access to the best people, technology, training, channel & retailer expertise, and toolkit on tap, ready to go whenever you need it.  


Share the cost with Syndication

Syndication may not be something your brand has ever considered but here’s why you should... Not only is this service budget friendly but it gives you the opportunity to go further with a smaller investment. You can share team resource with another brand that fits your product area whilst also sharing the cost. A syndicated approach unlocks efficiency​ because the cost of travel and coverage is reduced, while deeper coverage​ is achieved in outlets that brands may not be able to reach alone own due to cost or geography constraints. It presents incremental​ display opportunities which are less likely to be unlocked without regular coverage, and also helps maintain retailer relationships through more regular visits.


Use EPOS data to boost your execution

EPOS data is an important lifeline for brands when overcoming obstacles and navigating the constantly changing retail environment. Our Availability Boost execution service offers real-time resource combined with EPOS analytics to be in the right place at the right time – fixing any unexpected barrier to sales. Available across two of the biggest retail sectors - Grocery and Convenience, get 24/7 execution of your brand with our lightning fast response time. Our EPOS analytics directs sales teams to make smarter decisions each time whilst identifying and addressing challenges on the go.


Deliver a strike of tactical work

The flexibility to turn around fast activation will be important for brands as they look ahead to their 2023 brand strategy. Some objectives need to be delivered on a more short-term basis but still need to pack a punch. Our Tactical Strike solution provides bursts of planned brand activation to ensure that your execution is working as hard as it should be, in all the right places. Get event or location led support with new product development (NPD), promotions, product recall, and merchandising. This is a great option for short-term activities planned throughout the year - activity can be planned and executed in a matter of days.


Expand your expertise with Outsourcing

For the brands who run inhouse managed teams, we’ll share all the benefits of outsourcing to an agency. Outsourcing field sales can deliver big profits in a volatile environment. It provides flexibility ​that in-house teams often don’t have, enabling every opportunity to be taken, and change to happen fast if budgets shift​. Agencies have a lower cost base & overheads which means your brand can be more efficient with how your budget is spent. We’ll explore how outsourcing also unlocks better performance because agencies are working in areas they specialise in, whilst performance management is regularly and strictly managed vs in-house teams. The right agency partner will remove anything that could be considered a distraction, creating capacity to focus on the areas brands are experts in – ensuring you get the maximum results!


So, if you’re looking to step away from the traditional approach to delivering your brand objectives and consider something new, talk to us about our flexible and cost-effective solutions. We can deliver an option that is tailored to your brand and ensure you’re allocating your budget in the right places with maximum impact. Arrange a call to discuss your challenges and our experts will advise which solution(s) would benefit you most.

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