What is agile execution and how can it help your brand maximise the biggest selling events this year?

22 August 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

It’s no surprise 2022 is a big year for brands with a number of key events – including a few on the horizon.

As November welcomes the World Cup during one of the busiest selling periods in retail, brands have a huge opportunity this winter with double the potential to sell!

If you haven’t started planning your execution strategy for this or simply don’t think you have the budget for a team on the ground, keep reading! Let us introduce you to agile execution - the ideal way to ramp up your sales activity whilst keeping full control of your costs.

Bursts of execution with skilled, non-permanent teams could be the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas. Decide for yourself as we walk you through the types of agile teams, including how they can benefit your brand almost immediately.


David Easson, Head of Execute & Sales from our Wave agency comments:

“An agile team can exist on their own or they can support or supplement an existing sales team – supporting an existing team means they don’t take away from a client’s main objectives in stores. These types of teams are brought in for a particular sales activity, allowing the permanent team to focus on their day-to-day tasks.


As the retail environment continually changes, we are able to provide agile teams based on clients’ needs. It allows for more flexibility as trends change across key sectors such as Grocery, and gives brands the confidence to adapt their activity as they see fit.”


Need some killer activation?

Could your brand benefit from burst of planned activity to optimise your execution where and when you need it? Tactical activation teams deliver fast results for a specific purpose - these teams are perfect for NPD, promotions, product recall, and merchandising. Planning execution in short bursts means you only need to pay for this skilled resource when it matters to you – you don’t need to pay for a full time team year round to have feet on the ground. Activities can be planned and executed in days and the number of visits per day is unlimited which gives you an opportunity to get the widest coverage possible across the county.

Use data to drive agile teams directly to opportunities:

You can also level up these types of flexible teams by empowering them with data. Our teams can use EPOS data to direct them to real time opportunities to ensure that every intervention is valuable, which means that you can know for certain that every sales opportunity is taken. This data drives the teams while giving you piece of mind that your products are in the right place at the right time – and any unexpected barrier to sales is fixed fast.

Do you need to surge your sales throughout the year?

Need to find a way to make the most of growth opportunities throughout the year? Unsure how to control costs while maximizing seasonal peaks in specific regions or locations? Fixed term teams can help you improve your distribution and visibility where and when it matters most, grow share for your brand or launch a new product with ease and efficiency – and the best part is this type of team is available to tap into whenever you need it. You get the quality of a permanent team only when you need it.

Denise McKechnie, Agile Manager for our Wave agency explains more:

“Brands know they will experience spikes during certain times of the year seasons, so these fixed term or seasonal teams are perfect because brands only pay for the service when they need it and not all year round or when it’s not busy. All brands know their quiet periods so this type of service helps them avoid paying for resource during these times when it’s not value adding.  

We've built a skilled community of people who can provide the same level of service as a permanent team, just on a shorter time frame.

They’re highly trained and many have worked across multiple brands and channels so their capability and skill set is only set to grow organically - it’s a highly skilled community on tap that covers every geography across the country.”

If you’re ready to score some extra sales this season, talk to us about our agile execution services. Our Group of Sales and Marketing agencies are ready to help your brand win in every key retail sector. 

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