Wave: Giving clients maximum flexibility at the point they need it

22 September 2022
Author: Linzi McGuire

"Giving clients maximum flexibility at the point they need it" is what Wave do. Wise words from Wave Managing Director, Linda Gallagher.


New Wave website now live!

 Our Wave agency have just relaunched with a brand new look. The Wave team have been working furiously for brands over the past 5+ years to be the flexible partner they need.

 Here's Linda Gallagher, Wave MD to explain who Wave are and how they boost consumer advocacy for brands through experiences, direct sales and execution.

 She tells us how Wave tackle the current market challenges to uniquely add value for their clients. And of course, how they manage their communities of people to keep them highly skilled, trained and engaged to deliver for brands - people are their magic ingredient after all!


 Their new site is live at so check it out for full details on the services they provide across brand experiences, direct to consumer sales and agile retail execution.

 We'd love to you know what think!


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