Unlock your data to level up in 2024: the perfect remedy to beat your January execution hangover!

24 January 2024
Author: Kirsty Whyte

So, the festivities are over, we’ve brought in the New Year, and 2024 is officially underway…what’s next?

As brands start the new year, those who sell their products in supermarket and convenience retail in particular, need to ensure that the January execution hangover doesn’t impact on sales. What do we mean by that?

As we’ve said before, it’s well known that one of the biggest challenges in FMCG retail following the festive period is delivering great execution through January. The January execution hangover occurs when execution standards slip as retailers recover from the biggest selling season of the year. So, where most brands have great intentions of a fast start in January, the opposite often occurs in reality, resulting in a slow start to the new year – unless prompt corrective action is prioritised.


It’s more than just maintaining execution standards, it’s about brands setting themselves up right for the whole year. As the saying goes ‘start the year as you mean to go on’ and we couldn’t agree more.


So, how DO you start the year off smoothly? The answer lies in your data. Managing and maximising your EPOS data from the get-go will put you in a strong position to sell, whatever the month! So, don’t let January be your downfall – make it the beginning of a busy year of selling!


Follow our tips to use your data to its full potential…


Level up your existing strategy with EPOS data


Unlock value through the power of EPOS analytics for key retail sectors with our Thumbprint agency. In 2023 alone, the business launched X  new feature releases for their data products, continuing to streamline the experience for users and give brands access to more data and insights than ever before!



1.     Discover market-leading EPOS data for the Convenience sector


If the booming Convenience channel is part of your 2024 strategy, then use Pinpoint to support you. Be the first to leverage market leading transaction level EPOS from over 10,000 UK Convenience stores with our groundbreaking new solution and transform your ROI.

Last year, Pinpoint launched several new and exciting features including the Brand Report dashboard, enabling users to see a complete overview of any brand’s performance within the category to obtain actionable insight more easily.


The release of Range Report, another Pinpoint launch in 2023, means brands can now access a list of target actions to act upon based on scale of opportunity. This helps prioritise your actions towards the ones that have the biggest monetary value.


Pinpoint Range report social post-1




2.     Discover market-leading EPOS data in Mults

In Grocery, discover where, when, and what actions to take to generate the biggest sales growth & ROI in 2024. DART leverages daily retailer EPOS data and turns it into simple direction which saves you time and money on wasted or low value store visits.

Never miss a sales opportunity in Grocery again! DART leverages daily retailer EPOS data to turn it into simple direction that tells field teams where, when, and what actions to take to generate the biggest sales growth by improving your shelf execution. The beauty of DART is that anyone in the organisation can use it to unlock value in their role.

Perhaps the most transformative release for DART came in 2023, with the launch of DART Head Office.  

With this app, you can get an overview of your lost sales opportunities, helping you identify and address problem products and the main causes of your issues to prevent them re-occuring.

With Retailer Report, now available on DART head office app, brands can benefit from promotional alerts, availability alerts, trending dashboard, distribution dashboard, inventory dashboard and overstock.


DART HO retailer report social post


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