Thumbprint recommits to unlocking growth opportunities for brands, as demonstrated by launching a website to showcase their digital and data products

22 May 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

Today, Thumbprint, part of Avidity Group Ltd has launched their new website dedicated to helping brands unlock their sales potential through game-changing digital and data products.

For the first time, Thumbprint is proud to showcase its products Pinpoint, DART, and MyStore+  in one place. The products are designed specifically for the retail industry, delivering results across the Grocery and Convenience sectors. Pinpoint enables brands to target where, what, and how to sell more products in symbol and independent Convenience retail, DART supercharges your direction in Grocery multiples with EPOS analytics and, MyStore+ helps you influence execution digitally in thousands of Convenience stores.

The digital solutions help you deliver what's most important for your brand - great execution and excellent availability and visibility for the shopper. Recognising that the product has to be on the shelf for shopper to buy it, Thumbprint's digital and data offering can support you to achieve that - through market leading EPOS analytics or by directly influencing how your customers stock and execute your brand.

Thumbprint is committed to bringing best-in-class technology to market, with a focus on getting brands on the shelf. Their unique proposition delivers products from the shelf back, meaning we look at the end goal for brands first, and work back to achieve that. The result is easy to use tech that anyone can use.

The Thumbprint product portfolio first launched around five years ago, and since then the business has worked with a variety of national and global brands. Their new website provides an opportunity to understand the functionality and benefits of each product, highlights client success and allows you to book demos.

Ahead of the launch, we heard from Gordon Neil, Managing Director of Thumbprint to get an insight into why Thumbprint is a key partner for brands and why they should be excited about Pinpoint, DART, and MyStore+ products. Watch the video below to learn more...


Click to watch the video here: 

At Thumbprint we are committed to getting your products on the shelf and helping your brand unlock your sales potential. We’re ready to deliver results for you across key retail sectors with our market-leading selection of digital and data solutions.

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