The impact of HFSS: How can non-HFSS brands maximise opportunities when the regulations come in?

22 May 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

When the HFSS legislation goes live in October, it’s not just high fat, salt and sugar brands that will be impacted. The brands directly affected have been dealt a heavy blow, however is it actually an opportunity for positive change? Sitting on the more positive side of the spectrum are the non-HFSS brands. For them, the new legislation opens a door to additional selling space and the opportunity to increase their sales. 

The future retail store holds excellent promise for brands that may have been typically tucked away on the aisle. Now they have the opportunity to dominate more prominent store space usually held by HFSS brands. A reimagination of their place on the shop floor may include inspiring the same type of HFSS impulse buying seen for decades. 


Putting non-HFSS brands at the forefront  

With the new legislation, we’d expect to see a shift in promotional selling. Non-HFSS brands have the chance to be at the front of the store with prime display space. For years, this type of retail real estate has been dominated by HFSS brands and typically out of reach for other types of products. However, now that HFSS brands are limited to certain display space, it’s time for non-HFSS brands to step to the forefront and seize the new space up for grabs.  

We’re looking at you beers, wines & spirits, household items, cleaning products and home fragrance, personal care, pet foods… 


Get creative with your strategy to get ahead of competitors 

With new promotional space available, it’s time for non-HFSS brands to get creative with their strategy! Seasonal selling opportunities and ‘sugar holidays’ such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter were a key way for HFSS brands to boost sales. However, could other brands now adapt their strategies to claim a share of those sales? It’s no surprise that some non-HFSS brands won’t have the same impulse buying appeal but there is an opportunity to think outside the box and maximise the space to their advantage. Alcohol brands in particular may benefit from less competition for promotional space as a staple purchase during seasonal peaks. 


Need help with your seasonal strategy? 

For some non-HFSS brands, big seasonal promotions may be relatively new territory. Therefore, planning ahead will be crucial to ensure you have the right people in place to maximise these opportunities. Using agile teams could be the right option to deliver maximum results during key selling periods. An agile solution means you can tailor the resource solution to your needs and deliver everything from complex direct selling to implementation of retailer agreed activity. Most importantly, these teams can come in during busy periods to help you navigate new space that may not have been available to you before. 


Maximise EPOS data to your advantage 

Managing new display opportunities will rely on brands being smart with their availability of products. EPOS data tools can help brands operate more efficiently and ensure they are maximising every space available to them. An EPOS data application like DART is available from our digital and data brand, Thumbprint and is designed for the grocery sector - it directs field marketing teams to stock opportunities and issues more easily to allow for action to be taken right away. During HFSS implementation, data will play a key role in supporting brands to take advantage of the new retail environment. 


Talk to us to get discover new opportunities surrounding HFSS 

With a network of sales and marketing agencies as part of our group, Avidity is well equipped to support your brand to identify new opportunities around the HFSS legislation. Whether you’re already thinking about HFSS or need some help planning, we can direct you to the right resources to fit your brand strategy and needs.  


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