Prevent issues and take action NOW: 3 ways DART can predict the future & transform your strategy in Grocery

23 July 2023
Author: Kirsty Whyte

With the ever-changing nature of the Grocery sector, one thing brands want to be certain about is their product sales. External cost pressures, availability issues and shifting consumer trends means they need to constantly adapt to make the right decisions at the right time. Today, the use of data is crucial for direct action to ensure sales success, as it helps inform brands of where their problem and opportunity areas are in the moment and allows them to make smarter decisions on an ongoing basis.  


Thumbprint’s DART EPOS analytics tool leverages daily retailer EPOS data and turns it into simple direction that tells people where, when, and what actions to take to generate the biggest sales growth by improving your shelf execution. The beauty of DART is that anyone in your organisation can use it to unlock value in their role, whether they’re field or head office based.   


It can help you identify opportunities all the way down to a specific product, on a specific shelf, in a specific store. The data is always up to date from previous day – in fact, it’s the most up to date EPOS analytics product in the market. Simply put, DART ensures you are taking action where it’s actually needed – and most needed – to make an instant impact to sales and ROI.  


Our Thumbprint digital and data agency is continuously improving our products to ensure brands get the most out of their experience. Read on to discover 3 DART enhancements that could help you manage your data to identify and prevent stock issues and take better action in the Grocery sector... 

1. Predict and change the future with Predictive Supply Chain Analytics 


Predictive Supply Chain Analytics prevent issues before they occur. The new inventory alert  on DART allows brands to prevent and act on supply challenges 3 days before they happen. 

Designed to help users take fast action: 

  • DART can predict what issues will occur in the next 3 days. If you intervene you can prevent stock issues from ever happening – actionable at a field and head office level.  
  • When you have promotions due to launch, DART will highlight any issues in a prioritised view -  allowing you to fix them before your promo goes live. 
  • DART helps users take corrective action to increase sales - Predictive analytics starts from resolving the issue at the shelf. 


Brands are already seeing results, whilst those that aren’t using it are falling behind. In fact, 4 out of 5 predictive supply alerts that were not actioned within 3 days caused stock to fall into availability issues. 


2. Improved UX helps you make smart and quick decisions at Head Office level

Recent enhancements to our DART Head Office dashboards makes it easier than ever to access the insight your brand needs: 

Access a complete and simplified view of your data in one dashboard – no need to run multiple reports. Get an immediate view of how your brand is performing and make quick decisions to take action in the right place at the right time to make the biggest improvements. 


3. Get a prioritised view of where problems exist

Recent enhancements to our DART Head Office dashboards makes it easier than ever to make smarter decision on where to focus your efforts geographically, split across the Top 4 

Get a prioritized view of your data, highlighting where problems occur. See how retailers are performing year on year, drill into retailer data to see where you have regular problems, where lost sales exist and locations that have availability challenges. 


The Head Office dashboards are the perfect planning tool. In our opinion, DART should be the first thing an Account Manager or Sales Director uses in the morning to plan their day – to make the biggest improvement to sales that day. 

You have the ability to take every product in every store and build it back up to make insight actionable in a ranked view prioritised by value. This is the same concept as the field app, but for National Field Managers or those in similar roles. 


Talk to us to find out how DART can maximise opportunities and prevent stock availability issues for your brand in the Grocery Sector. We’ll share more on our upcoming releases and discuss how they can help transform your existing Grocery strategy... 




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