Plan for peak season: Why you should shop for your peak season partner now

23 June 2023
Author: Kirsty Whyte

Like their customers, brands want to shop for the best deals, too. And when it comes to picking a peak season partner, the time to shop is now. Even though the Christmas holiday shopping season is months away, decisions you make now can impact whether you have a successful peak season in 2023. 

Whether you’re focusing on the typical peak season, a new product release, or seasonal launches and promotions, peak preparation is critical to ensuring positive consumer experiences and long-term sales growth. 


Preparing for Peak Season is a Year-Round Process 

There are a lot of moving parts involved, from understanding stock levels, having the right teams in place and maximising additional opportunities to sell. Brands want to work with partners that have the expertise to help them navigate peak season preparedness. 

Establish the busiest times for your brand, ensuring you have the logistics in place to cope with increased demand — both in terms of stock levels and staff hiring. Will you need to hire temporary teams or can the current workforce cope with the heavier load? Create a timeline, pulling reference data from marketing, promotions, merchandising and more to ensure cross-functional confidence in your brand’s estimated demand peaks. 


Maximise seasonal promotions 

Promotions throughout the year can work as great practice for peak. If predicted sales figures haven't been reached, for instance, a short BOGO or free delivery promotion can give a boost to bring activity up to forecast. This enables you to gather insights needed to ensure the best and most efficient peak season. Bottom line: it's never too early to prepare for peak. 

Ramping up execution through seasonal promotions can be actioned easily with the right resource and expert agency partner behind your vision. 


Follow us for 4 ways to get ready for peak season 

If you’re still in the early stages of planning, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Throughout June, we’ll walk you through key areas your brand needs to consider when preparing for the Christmas shopping season. Follow us as we dive into 4 ways to ensure your brand is ready to conquer peak season: 

  1. Line up your agile teams
  2. Use data to streamline your peak season
  3. Ramp up your execution 
  4. Choose the right peak season agency partner


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