Need to deliver a strike of tactical work or boost your availability in-store? Discover the services that will take your execution to the next level…

22 November 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

Is your brand’s execution working as hard as it should be? Today, the right execution in the right places will make the difference as to whether your products sell or not! The retail landscape continues to be more competitive and brands need to stay on top of their game to ensure they have that edge. Two useful factors to consider are flexibility within your team and maximising EPOS data. Incorporating these into your strategy can help deliver your objectives more efficiently, with the right tools and people behind them.


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That’s where our Tactical Strike and Availability Boost services come in - providing a solution to overcome some of the obstacles your brand may be facing. Delivered by our Wave agency, both offerings can be tailored to your brand, taking your execution to the next level.

Read on to discover the benefits of each service and consider which one could work best for you as you plan your next sales campaign…


Deliver a winning tactical activity by striking only where & when you need to


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Our Tactical Strike service provides bursts of planned brand activation to ensure that your execution is delivering results, in all the right places. Get event or location led support with NPD, promotions, product recall, and merchandising. This is a great option for short-term activities planned throughout the year - activity can be planned and executed in a matter of days.

Brands can benefit from availability throughout the UK and Ireland, allowing products to be seen by consumers in your preferred location at the optimum time to sell. The activation timeframe may be shorter but there’s no compromise on scale. Unlimited scale means your brand can choose any number of visits to store a day, any day.


Need to boost your product availability in store?


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Our Availability Boost service offers real-time resource combined with EPOS analytics to be in the right place at the right time – fixing any unexpected barrier to sales. Available across two of the biggest retail sectors - Grocery and Convenience, get 24/7 execution of your brand with our lightning-fast response time. Our EPOS analytics directs sales teams to make smarter decisions each time whilst identifying and addressing challenges on the go.

Today, external factors such as supply chain issues and product shortages already create unwanted obstacles for brands. Stay on top of this in-outlet by avoiding availability issues and ensure your shelves are stocked with products in prime position. Available in any UK region, having access to the right data will make the difference in edging out competitors.

*Can be integrated with DART or Pinpoint from our sister agency, Thumbprint


David Easson, Head of Execute and Sales at Wave highlights some of the key reasons brands should opt for these services:

“As the retail landscape continues to change, Wave can provide highly skilled fixed-term teams based on individual clients’ needs. This allows for more flexibility as trends shift across key sectors such as Grocery and gives brands the confidence to adapt their activity as they see fit. Our execute service which includes Tactical Strike and Availability Boost, maximises opportunities to elevate your brand by incorporating bursts of planned activity, EPOS analytics and flexible team resource - ensuring you’re in prime position to sell. Getting the right team in place can be challenging and often costly. However, with Tactical Strike and Availability Boost there is something to suit any sales campaign and budget as you tap into our data and skilled community of people.”


If you’re ready to elevate your existing execution talk to us about our Tactical Strike and Availability Boost services. Start planning for 2023 and partner with an agency that’s ready to take your brand to the next level in order to sell more.

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