Looking for the full package to help you sell more in any sector? Discover how: from head office, to in-outlet and engaging with consumers…

22 August 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

With the ever-changing economy, evolving consumer habits and a retail and purchasing landscape that’s constantly in-flux, brands need to be primed to adapt and meet the demands & challenges that will define their success.

Today, it’s not enough to focus on just one area - brands need to cover all bases and find ways to have a bird’s eye view on what’s happening in all corners at all times, all while predicting what’s coming down the line.

The overwhelming need to see all AND predict the future… how do brands do it??

If you’re brand is looking for the full package to conquer any market, read on…

This month, we give you a closer look at how you can sell more from head office, in outlet and by engaging consumers. Discover solutions to the challenges brands face and how we can support you to win in any sector.

The key to understanding what’s going on at all times and knowing which approach works best without having to spend precious time and money learning and failing before you experience success, is to partner with someone who already knows.

Partner with an agency who can amass insight, data and real-life experience from multiple channels, sectors, seasons, industries and more – this means the leg work is already done for you, and you can make the quick decisions on what to do next, knowing that your strategy is based on tried-and-tested methods and sound data.


Unlock new opportunities in any sector, at any level, at any time

Avidity is the parent company for a group of sales and marketing agencies who exist to help brands sell more. Our Group services span field marketing, data and digital products, experiential and consultancy services delivered through our agencies McCurrach, Standout, Thumbprint, Wave and Sellex.

The agencies within our Group partner with brands across multiple sectors, including but not limited to FMCG Retail & wholesale, Away from Home & foodservice, Technology & Consumer Electronics, Pet Care, Pharmaceuticals, On-Trade, Health & Beauty and Financial Services. Our expert teams have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over decades, and are equipped to help your brand gain insight, set your strategy and do whatever you need to increase sales.

When commenting on what makes our Group offering different to anything that’s available elsewhere in the market, Gordon Neil, Avidity Group Strategy and Marketing Director said:

“The combination of labour market complexity, cost pressure, legislation, supply chain challenges, cost of living rises, and consumers diversifying the channels they buy from, all create the need for every brand to evolve, or radically change their approach.

For sales and marketing agencies like ours, this means focusing on building the best service propositions and products to offer the solutions that brands need at head office, in outlet, and to engage consumers, always ensuring that what we do helps the brand to reach their objective - whether that’s volume, value, share growth or something else.

Within the companies in Avidity, we’re focused on investing in five areas:

  1. Attracting and retaining great talent
  2. Leveraging resource agility and data to unlock every opportunity to sell more
  3. Providing upstream supply chain solutions to prevent issues occurring in the first place
  4. Winning in the channels that consumers are buying in
  5. Providing direct consumer engagement that engages AND converts browsers to buyers

Our north star of helping brands sell more means we’re always guided to offer solutions to resolve the biggest challenges and opportunities that brands face.”

So, if you’re still searching for an answer on how to win in this new market, whether that’s dodging pitfalls or making the most of positive occasions, reach out to speak to a potential partner who might just help give you the edge (and some much needed certainty) to navigate and succeed in this new world.

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