How EPOS data can help your brand make smarter decisions in Grocery

22 July 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

With the ever-changing nature of the Grocery sector, one thing brands want to be certain about is their product sales. External factors, stock issues and new trends means they need to constantly adapt to make the right decisions at the right time. Today, the use of data is crucial to sales success as it helps inform brands of where their problem and opportunity areas are and allows them to make smarter decisions on an ongoing basis.

DART is the EPOS analytics tool, available via our digital and data business, Thumbprint . It leverages daily retailer EPOS data and turns it into simple direction that tells people where, when, and what actions to take to generate the biggest sales growth by improving your shelf execution. The beauty of DART is that anyone in your organisation can use it to unlock value in their role, whether they’re field or head office based.


What does DART do?

DART enables users to feel confident that the actions they take will generate results - whether that's at national, regional, or store level. DART uses data for up to 2 years to give you a big picture view of how your brand's products have performed in the past, predicts future performance and alerts you to actions you can take to improve current and future performance.

Brands can also quickly identify issues in their supply chain or distribution, spot trends across the estate or in geographical locations, resolve issues and direct sales teams to the biggest opportunity stores, detailing exactly what interventions to take to sell more.


Hear it from the field – how does DART increase sales for their clients?

A number of our field marketing teams rely on DART as a sales tool in stores, generating success through the direction it provides. It helps them be proactive, work efficiently and address any challenges on the go. In fact, field teams leveraging the technology have seen average sales increases of 43% vs teams who don’t use DART.

Simon Davies, Territory Manager for Unilever says, “The data that DART provides is formidable and has helped me agree actions and deliver results in stores numerous times.”

Dian Dimov, Territory Manager for Kimberly Clark adds, I use DART every day in every store. It’s the ideal tool to help me understand the ''real picture'' in store in terms of availability, sales and top performing SKU's.”

Gary Rankin, Territory Manager for Unilever comments,Thanks to DART we are working smarter to address stock issues. The data from DART helps us source stock issues, correcting book stocks and availability gaps in the stores – ultimately ensuring our Unilever products are fully stocked and available to buy.”


The future of EPOS data and the constant evolution of DART

Looking ahead, as the Grocery sector evolves, DART does too. As part of the product roadmap, we are always exploring ways to make the solution more directional, predictive, and preventative to level up on-shelf availability and sales growth - whilst also looking for ways to further improve the user experience of the product. You’ll see constant improvements in the tool as we make it smarter through regular development and the addition of new features.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, the use of data led analytics is becoming more important than ever and brands need to be incorporating this in their strategy now and in future.


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