How can your brand thrive in outlet? Find solutions to 6 common challenges in store…

22 August 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

When it comes to FMCG brands, having the right strategy in store is key to success. Not only do you have to consider the right channels for your brand, but you have to gain product visibility and help retailers understand how to sell your products to consumers. Operating at outlet level requires constant consideration and planning due to the challenging nature of the continually changing retail landscape. It’s true that one solution doesn’t fit at all, therefore, it’s important to identify the correct mix of strategies and services that are tailored to work for your brand. 

From permanent and fixed term sales teams, to managing insight and EPOS data, let's look at how to tackle any challenges your brand may come across…


The 6 common challenges brands experience in-outlet: 
  1. How to make your brand more visible to consumers
  2. How to understand how your brand is sold 
  3. How to launch a new product  
  4. How to get into a new channel  
  5. How to help retailers to understand and sell your products 
  6. How to target the right outlets and take the most valuable actions  


We spoke to Helen Sheridan, Customer Development Director for our McCurrach agency. Helen is part of our Executive Team and is responsible for leading Grocery, Away from Home and Convenience teams. She shares why getting the right strategy in outlet is crucial to address current market challenges: 

“Due to issues like staff shortages and high absence rates in stores, supply chain challenges, cost pressures to the consumer and the retailer, new legislation lie HFSS and even how online shopping affects the shelf – support from brand field teams to get execution and compliance right is the key to thriving in any channel right now. We work with brands to identify and solve their in-store issues and maximise sales by using the right solution and approach for them. Whether that’s incorporating one hundred percent agile, activation, temporary teams – or somewhere in the middle, we are tailoring this to each brand’s goal and not just to the obstacles they come across. 

Being in the right outlet and focused on the right intervention, fast, is critical. If you don’t act faster than your competition, the opportunity can be lost. Better directional data and more agile resource is more important than ever - particularly when your opportunity could be in any store across the country at any time.  The real difference will be made by teams who can operate as quickly, accurately and as cost effectively as possible. Getting your team structure, store call files and use of data right will set you apart. That’s why our investment in the data analytics products we offer and the agility of our community based approach to resourcing gives brands a competitive advantage. Regardless of the size of your brand or the budget you’ve got we can ensure we provide the optimum solution for you.” 

Louisa Monger is Head of Partnership Development for Avidity and is at the forefront when it comes to finding out what our brand clients need. She explains why digital technology and strong partnerships are vital in helping brands sell more. 

“Digital technology is an efficient and effective way to connect with and influence a wider audience across the FMCG and Technology sectors through compelling digital touchpoints. From creating high quality digital material to engage store contacts, to social media driving increased visibility and influence ability, to digital training and live events and to putting digital applications into the hands of retailers. As cost pressures continue to increase, digital technology will play an important role in helping brands sell more in the future. 
Partnerships also play a key role in helping brands sell more. Partnering with the right businesses leverages more possibilities for brands. For example, we have partnered with DCS to take ownership of sales and distribution within the pharmacy and professional beauty sector. To deliver an efficient, sustainable, sales led operation to unlock growth in a traditionally hard to reach sector.” 

We successfully navigate these challenges for brands on a daily basis and can give you the solutions you need to win at outlet level. Talk to us about ow out group of agencies work with brands to deliver a tailored approach in-outlet. Follow us all week to discover the best solutions to these 6 common challenges in store…  


From getting the right mix of permanent and agile teams in place, to support with delivering winning execution, our Group of Sales and Marketing agencies are ready to help your brand thrive in every key retail sector. 

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