How can EPOS data help brands navigate the HFSS legislation?

22 May 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

The HFSS legislation may be daunting for brands as they face new restrictions in the Grocery aisles. In the lead up to October when the changes go live, brands are already looking for new ways to adapt their strategy. We want to know, what role data has to play in helping them tackle HFSS head on? The use of EPOS data is nothing new for field marketing teams but with big changes imminent will it be more important now than ever? Sustaining sales and identifying new opportunities will be the top priority for a successful transition, and smart use of data could be the key to achieving this. 

Andrew Armer is Head of Product for our Group’s digital and data brand, Thumbprint. He works directly with our EPOS data products and has a first-hand insight in to how they can support brands to sell more. He shares how our DART application, designed for the Grocery sector will be an important aid for brands during HFSS changes. 

What is DART? 

“DART is an EPOS analytics tool designed to optimise effectiveness and efficiency in the Grocery channel - at both store and head office level. It leverages daily retailer EPOS data to turn it into simple direction that tells people where, when, and what actions to take to generate the biggest sales growth by improving shelf execution. The beauty of DART is that anyone can use it to unlock value in their role.” 

How does it work to support brands? 

“DART works by analysing millions of data points every day to isolate and identify where those gaps exist and quantify them to allow action to be taken. This action could be taken by a field representative or by a national account team. Quantifying these issues allows you to take a prioritised approach to resolution whilst ensuring efficiency is maintained. The tool also works to identify repeat offending issues to allow for 24/7 visibility of the problems that exist - this means they can be corrected without someone having to be in store to physically witness them. Field teams leveraging the technology have seen increases of 43% in the sales impact that they can achieve. This clearly demonstrates the team’s ability to be more effective and efficient with the help of our tool.” 

Why should brands maximise EPOS data when it comes to the upcoming HFSS legislation? 

“As HFSS comes into force, every brand will find that they are impacted by it in some form or another. For brands who find they are restricted by the regulations, it is imperative that they execute and succeed at the shelf to ensure on-shelf availability is maximised. Instances where on-shelf availability drops away will have a significantly larger impact on sales in a world where space is restricted. It’s absolutely critical that the space is exploited and product is on shelf and subsequently in shopper baskets. 

Talk to us unlock new opportunities with EPOS data and get ready for HFSS 

Our Digital and Data brand Thumbprint has redefined what it means to reach your customers digitally – widening your scope and increasing your efficiency in the process. Our EPOS data application DART can help you unlock new opportunities and be smart with your use of data. When HFSS legislation kicks in, ensure you are maximising your products to their full potential in the space available! 

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