Get Peak Season Ready: Line up your agile sales teams this peak season

23 June 2023
Author: Kirsty Whyte

The need for excellent retail execution is nothing new, but choosing the right team structure to achieve this has become increasingly complicated and more important than ever today. This year, the biggest opportunities for brands to elevate their brand visibility with electric pace and accuracy, comes down to the quality of the team on the ground and the toolkit they use to get the job done. 

This week we’re exploring how to access highly skilled agile teams to fit any budget or brand objectives, when preparing for peak season - there’s something for everyone! 

Read on to discover 4 things to consider when selecting your teams to execute your peak season strategy... 


1. The quality of your team will determine your results 


No matter your strategy, you need access to highly skilled and motivated people to hit the ground running from Day 1. Time is money after all, so if you’re not delivering excellent execution that sees results from the get-go, you’re missing out. 


Like permanent teams, agile colleagues are also recruited based on their skills and background in a variety of key sectors including Grocery, Convenience or any other relevant or retail setting. They are available on tap to deliver results for your brand in new locations or stores, or top up your existing team when you need more support during peak trading. 


We make sure that no matter your goals, you have access to the best mix of teams where and when you need them. Some teams may also be directed by data to get to the highest value actions and deliver maximum ROI. Talent recruitment, management and development is our specialty. Training, relationship building, toolkit and robust performance management - combined with expertise and understanding retailer systems and processes - are just some of the reasons our teams consistently deliver outstanding ROI for our clients 


2. Make the most of seasonal peaks with a dedicated surge team

We know that you need all cylinders firing during your busiest campaigns of the year – whether that’s product launches, seasonal or sporting events, or national holidays. This is where agile teams shine. A dedicated agile team will help you make the most of peak trading opportunities to ensure your brand gets the additional support you need to win the edge over competitors. These can be used solo or to complement permanent teams. 


3. Ramp up execution with tactical strike teams

Tactical Strike delivers bursts of planned brand activation to ensure that your execution is working as hard as it should be, in all the right places. Brands can get event or location led support with NPD, promotions, product recall, and merchandising. This is a perfect option for peak season, where brands need to ramp up execution to maximise additional footfall and opportunities to sell. 


Our Tactical Strike or Sales Surge service are the perfect options for occasions such as peak season, when you need to surge your sales but don’t have the budget for a permanent team. Make the most of seasonal peaks in specific regions or locations, improve your distribution and visibility where and when it matters most, grow share for your brand or launch a new product with ease and efficiency. Get access to the best people, technology, training, channel & retailer expertise, and toolkit on tap, ready to go whenever you need it. 


4. No budget is too small! Be smart and get results


If you want to ramp up your sales activity but don’t think you have the budget to get results, think again. Flexible or short-term agile teams still give you access to the talent you need on a hyper targeted basis. 


Whether you need tactical support, more intense sales support or data driven teams, we have something for you this peak season. Available whenever you need it, in any region, agile teams are a flexible option that keep costs down but sales up! 


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