Get it right at the shelf to sell more: 2 ways to ensure you win all year

22 November 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to reflect on what’s been a year packed full of opportunities and challenges for everyone across industries and sectors. The impact of external factors such as inflation, supply chain issues, product shortages and the impending cost of living crisis have created a volatile market for businesses to navigate. With access to less disposable income and increasing cost pressures, consumers are shifting their buying behaviour and ultimately spending less frivolously. In order to survive, brands have had to look for new ways to strengthen their strategy – from agile teams, to EPOS data driven call files, and outsourcing expertise.

Here’s a snapshot of 2 ways we’ve taken brands to the next level in 2022 with the right mix of retail execution and streamlined teams. Making small changes throughout the year can make a big difference and help you edge out competitors. Consider this as you look ahead to the new year and partner with an agency who can help you achieve success all year round…


1. Ensuring execution is working as hard as it should be with EPOS data

Streamlined retail execution will make the difference in whether brands secure sales or not. Why shoot in the dark, when you can sell your products with the precision needed to maximise every opportunity? This is something we consider when working with brands, helping them manage their EPOS data to the fullest. Our EPOS analytics tools DART and Pinpoint have allowed brands to address issues, fill any gaps in Grocery and Convenience and make smarter decisions about their products in store. This has been particularly important this year with the impact of external factors creating more obstacles and changes across key sectors.


2. Choosing a team type tailored to brands

Choosing the right team resource is crucial to a brand’s success and often one size doesn’t fit all. We can elevate your brand visibility with electric pace and accuracy with the option of a variety of types of sales teams. Finding the right option to suit a brand’s budget and activity makes it easier to focus on the areas that are most important. Budgets have been stretched this year and permanent teams are no longer a viable option for all. We’ve achieved results by providing access to agile teams for seasonal selling peaks and bursts of planned activation throughout the year.


Two factors that have remained constant for brands this year is the need for strong retail execution and onboarding and retaining great talent – allowing them to maintain product visibility with the right people to represent them. This is something that has always been a focus across Avidity Group when working with our brand partners.

Throughout December, we’re celebrating our teams’ successes with examples of our people in action. We’ll showcase some outstanding execution from at the shelf, highlighting how our teams have continued to drive sales across all environments!

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