Consumer Acquisition: the best way to recruit long-lasting customers is by matching their needs to your brand

23 September 2023
Author: Kirsty Whyte

Today, it’s so easy for consumers to head online and purchase a product within minutes - usually getting it delivered the next day - or to head into a store or outlet to find a bargain.  However, this doesn’t necessarily equal quality customer acquisition for brands. How can you encourage consumers to make decisions driven by emotion and rely on their continued loyalty after the initial sale? That’s the million-dollar question.  


We asked our expert Gavin Veevers, Account Manager for our Wave agency why successful customer acquisition can really make a difference to brand loyalty and sales… 



“Engaging consumers with a memorable and relevant experience, be that sampling or a hands-on demonstration, we can ensure that they understand how a brand or product can improve areas of their day-to-day life or routine and ensure they are getting the best out of a purchase.



This not only benefits the consumers, but also the brand. If a consumer fully understands what they are purchasing and knows how they will interact with the brand going forward, then they are less likely to be swayed to another brand when an attractive promotion or price point is presented to them.  




Acquisition is about making the consumers life easier through the selling of that specific product. It’s about educating the consumer on the product, so they are fully aware of the brand ethos, how it works, how to use but most importantly, the consumer now feels they cannot live without it.  How can you do this through a website or by picking a product from a shelf?  This is why the experience they are given instore is pivotal!”  




Acquisition - FINAL


With Wave’s Acquisition service, a handpicked community of ambassadors take shoppers on a journey to match their specific needs to one of your products and make them long-term brand advocates, through personalised conversations and exciting demonstrations. 


Gavin Comments, “Having our Brand Ambassadors in stores representing our clients, helps build long lasting relationships with consumers. When they need to make a purchase, we ensure that they remember where they had that incredible experience, and naturally they will want to return. 


We measure this success by constantly monitoring the Cost Per Acquisition for our clients.  Our goal is to drive that down by improving conversion rates and ensuring that the customers we convert will stay with the client long-term and continue to spend money with them on the necessary consumables to use their product.” 


3 ways Wave can use Acquisition service to elevate your brand 


  1. They’ll create the human connection that brings your brand to life and engages consumers on a personal level
  2. You can leverage their unmatched expertise and insights to create memorable consumer experiences
  3. They’ll use physical and digital environments to connect your brand to consumers individual needs


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