Convert your audience into buyers with a blend of conversation, retailer engagement and education

23 April 2023
Author: Kirsty Whyte

Today, it’s not enough to simply showcase your products in stores. Instead, you have to engage consumers at the first point of contact with your brand and take them on a journey to convert them into buyers.

So, what is the secret to sales success? A method that can be applied to any sector or channel is engaging the retailer and training them on your products. Converting retail staff into advocates ensures your brand is at the forefront at all times – so you’re actively selling even when your own staff are not there!


Help retailers sell more when you can’t be there to do it yourself

Whether it’s face-to-face in stores or online, one-to-one or in a group, traditional learning models to gamified platforms; training and advocacy programmes are tailored to help your customers get to know and love your brand. By applying blended learning to inform and educate retail colleagues – in a way that suits their learning style – they can be transformed into true advocates to sell your brand passionately to consumers.

Store colleagues are given the confidence and knowledge they need to promote your product above competitors – they become your instore experts. The result? Increased consumer sales.

Sound good? Here are some methods that have been used successfully to increase sales in various retail channels:


1. Face to face training:

In-person training helps retailers build a strong connection to your brand. Sending trainers into store to work directly with the retail staff gives them the opportunity to get hands-on experience with your products. This can be delivered through one-to one sessions larger group sessions to deliver a consistent message or even digital sessions to reach more people across a region. Winning over the hearts and minds of your retail partners is the goal – is they become advocates of your brand they will sell on your behalf directly to consumers.


2. Brand events:

Events are one of the most engaging ways to help retailers learn about your brand. Immersing them in your brand this way means you’ll be creating a community that reaffirms your brand’s ethos when you’re not there. Events also ensure you’re creating unique and memorable experiences, giving retailers a chance to experience your products in an exciting, informal way - whilst increasing popularity within your customer network.


3. Digital learning and engagement:


Today, it couldn’t be easier for retail colleagues to access training and education. Using a series of online resources across digital channels and platforms, our teams build training and education programmes that help brands and retailers With a toolkit they can use wherever they are, they can learn in a quick and easy way that works for them. In fact, this can be done in a variety of ways including creating digital and online tools for continued learning, using a mixture of social media and e-learning portals to ensure high engagement and creating powerful online communities that upskill each other.

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