Colleague Takeover: Hear from the people at the heart of our business

23 May 2023
Author: Kirsty Whyte

A big part of our identity at Avidity Group is based on an inclusive, people focused culture, that puts our colleagues at the forefront. This month we want to celebrate that by doing something a little different throughout May. 
Each month, we usually cover a current topic for brands, showcasing why this is key to their success. However, this month we’re letting our colleagues become the story-tellers!  

We’ve asked them to share their own posts covering a variety of themes including insight from the field, what makes them proud, taskforce updates and personal achievements. They will become the voice of Avidity’s LinkedIn for the entire month as we re-post their stories to our Group LinkedIn page. 

Our collective colleagues work for various agencies spanning, field marketing (McCurrach and Standout), direct to consumer interactions and agile execution (Wave), digital and data products (Thumbprint), consultancy (Sellex) and support functions (Avidity). Although each agency is a business in their own right, our values and culture is group wide- with colleagues across the UK and Ireland.  

With so many colleagues under our Group, building the right culture is crucial to welcome and acknowledge every person at Avidity. Diversity, Inclusion and Equality are fundamentals for our business and are highlighted through one of our Group taskforces which is dedicated to this purpose. Our other taskforces are equally as important and incorporate other parts of our ethos – Wellbeing, Community and Sustainable Business. You’ll hear more about these throughout the campaign. 

Follow us throughout May and get to know the people behind our business. Share their stories and successes, learn about how our teams work and discover more about our Group as a whole, through our amazing colleagues. 
Stay tuned for updates on our LinkedIn page.  

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