Brands, make your budget work harder to add the most value in 2023

23 February 2023
Author: Kirsty Whyte

Follow these 4 steps to succeed this year…

2022 came with its challenges and we expect to see some of those linger this year. The cost-of-living crisis is still in full swing with everyone feeling the pinch, meaning that every decision a brand makes must add value – both for themselves and the consumer. So, what are they keys ways brands can sell more and keep sales high this year while getting the absolute maximum out of available budgets? Here are four easy steps to success in 2023…


1.Nail your execution

Need to clean up your execution before and after seasonal peaks? This is key to achieving sky high sales so why not tap into dedicated execution services designed to ease the pain. Tactical Strike provides bursts of planned activity to ensure a brand’s execution delivers results, in all the right places. Activity can be planned & executed in a matter of days. Or why not try Availability Boost, helping brands fix any unexpected barrier to sales with data directed teams.


 2.Build a high performing team

No matter your strategy, you need access to highly skilled and motivated people to hit the ground running from Day 1. Time is money after all, so if you’re not delivering excellent execution that sees results from the get-go, you’re missing out.

If you’re looking for a long-term field sales solution, a permanent team could be the answer. A dedicated year-round team ensures your products are always available, visible, and front of mind for consumers. Permanent field sales teams leverage product, outlet and relationship expertise to build your brand presence, with flawless execution year-round.

However, if you simply want to ramp up your execution during your busiest campaigns of the year – this is where a Sales Surge team can shine. This dedicated agile team will help you make the most of peak trading opportunities to ensure your brand gets the additional support you need to win the edge over competitors. These can be used solo or to complement permanent teams.


3.Harness the power of data

Today there’s never been more of an opportunity for brands to stay on top if they use data to their advantage. EPOS data, when used correctly, allows brands to make smart decisions every time. And with products like Pinpoint and DART that simplify the raw data into easily digestible and actionable insight, there’s really no excuse.

Brands can maximise opportunities in two key sectors – Convenience and Grocery to ensure they’re filling any gaps at the shelf and putting their products in prime position. With Pinpoint, designed for the Convenience sector, brands get exclusive access to the largest and most granular EPOS data available in symbol and independent retail - targeting 11,000 stores. This data can be drilled into by store type, postcode area, store name and at transaction level to make strategic decisions from the get-go.

DART EPOS analytics tool is tailored for the Grocery sector. It leverages daily retailer EPOS data and turns it into simple direction that tells people where, when, and what actions to take to generate the biggest sales growth by improving shelf execution. This streamlines the whole process for brands when deciding how to sell products and also makes it easier to ensure stock availability remains high – while allowing field colleagues to identify and fill gaps quickly.


 4. Pick the right partner for agency support

In a competitive retail environment, brands have to consider everything when planning their strategy - from planning at Head Office, to selling in store, and ultimately driving consumer engagement. Often, overcoming common challenges can revolutionize results.

If your brand is looking ahead and considering where to start, the first step is to secure a strong partner that will help you sell more. The key to understanding what’s going on at all times, and knowing which approach works best without having to spend valuable time and money before you experience success, is to partner with someone who already knows.

Partnering with the right agency leverages more possibilities for brands and means you’re best positioned to succeed from head office all the way through to selling to consumers. Identify your key objectives and consider an agency who can help you achieve your goals across the board.


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With a network of sales and marketing agencies as part of our group, Avidity is well equipped to support your brand across all four key areas mentioned above.

If you need advice on brand strategy, our sales consultancy agency Sellex can support you with key areas such as merchandising strategy, promotion and display strategy, pricing strategy and re-allocation of retailer terms.

From permanent and agile field marketing teams, to activation and seasonal selling, our field marketing teams in McCurrach, Standout and Wave can ensure you are ready to sell in any sector.

Our digital and data brand, Thumbprint can fulfil all your data needs with our market-leading EPOS data products in Convenience and Grocery. They are designed to help you operate efficiently whilst ultimately selling more.

We can also help engage your consumers with brand activations and events.


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