3 ways to get more peak season sales without breaking the bank: Sell more with agile teams, data and engaging experiences

23 October 2023
Author: Kirsty Whyte

The countdown to peak season is on with brands facing maximum selling opportunities over the festive period! With prep started well in advance, most brands should be confident in their strategies for the upcoming event. However, there’s still time to guarantee extra sales. If you need to step up your game, consider how agile teams, data and engaging experiences can help you deliver the results you need! 
Read on to discover how... 


1. Recruit the right “little helpers” to elevate your sales activity 

No matter your strategy, you need access to highly skilled and motivated people to hit the ground running from Day 1. Time is money after all, so if you’re not delivering excellent execution that sees results from the get-go, you’re missing out. 

Like permanent teams, agile colleagues are also recruited based on their skills and background in a variety of key sectors or sales settings. They are available on tap to deliver results for your brand in new locations or stores, or top up your existing team when you need more support during peak trading. 


Ramp up execution with tactical strike teams 

Tactical Strike delivers bursts of planned brand activation to ensure that your execution is working as hard as it should be, in all the right places. Brands can get event or location led support with NPD, promotions, product recall, and merchandising. This is a perfect option for peak season, where brands need to ramp up execution to maximise additional footfall and opportunities to sell. 

Our Tactical Strike or Sales Surge services are the perfect options for peak selling seasons, when you need to increase your sales but don’t have the budget for a permanent team. Make the most of seasonal peaks in specific regions or locations, improve your distribution and visibility where and when it matters most, grow share for your brand or launch a new product with ease and efficiency. Get access to the best people, technology, training, channel & retailer expertise, and toolkit on tap, ready to go whenever you need it. 


Make the most of seasonal peaks with a dedicated surge team 

We know that you need all cylinders firing during your busiest campaigns of the year – whether that’s product launches, seasonal or sporting events, or national holidays. This is where agile teams shine. A dedicated agile team will help you make the most of peak trading opportunities to ensure your brand gets the additional support you need to win the edge over competitors. These can be used solo or to complement permanent teams. 


2. Use data to ensure shelves are fully stocked and ready to shop 

Without data there’s no way to accurately identify your gaps in the sector and take advantage of every key selling opportunity. Why shoot in the dark when you can make every decision with precision? Your competitors are already taking advantage of this, gaining the competitive edge whilst you’re slowly getting edged out due to missed sales opportunities or poor stock availability. With so much valuable EPOS data at your fingerprints, there’s no excuse not to incorporate it into your brand strategy. 

Brands already benefiting from data products such as Pinpoint and DART for Grocery and Convenience sectors, can maximise opportunities during peak season in order to ensure they’re fully prepared for the extra demand. They can identify more opportunities to sell, quickly address and identify availability issues and track performance of their sales across the estate or per location. 


Unlock data… 

Pinpoint: enables brands to target where, what, and how to sell more products in symbol and independent convenience retail. With modules to suit the needs of any brand, you can choose to license the platform to get easy access actionable insight, get a one-off insight read to answer your key questions, or get a direct store level data feed to integrate with your own data platforms. 

DART: enables users to feel confident that the actions they take in store will generate results. Data provides simple direction that helps sales teams make informed decisions and address availability issues with ease. DART does the hard work for you, displaying data in easy-to-understand visual dashboards. This removes the need for users to do the hard analytics work – making it easier to focus on the actions that will enable your brand to sell more. 

Availability boost: Real-time resource combined with EPOS analytics to be in the right place at the right time – fixing any unexpected barrier to sales in Grocery. Slick and easy integration with any EPOS analytics system, Get 24/7 execution of your brand with our lightning fast response time.  Available in any UK region – wherever you are, we can help


Allow consumers to try before they buy

If consumer awareness and engagement is what you need, sampling might be your answer. Brands should explore sampling as a strategy for peak season to drive awareness and sales due to its effectiveness in creating direct engagement, building trust, and converting potential customers into loyal buyers. Here’s a breakdown of what sampling activities can help brands deliver: 

Provide tangible experiences: sampling offers a tangible experience with the product allowing consumers to see, touch, and use it firsthand. The experience is much more impactful than just seeing an advertisement or reading about a product. This also provides a risk-free opportunity for consumers to try a product before committing to a full purchase. 

Target your desired audience: Sampling programs can be tailored to specific demographics, customer segments or locations. This ensures that samples reach the right audience, leading to higher conversion rates – it's a very effective use of your marketing budget.  

Opportunity to soft-launch new products: Sampling is a great strategy for introducing new products to the market. It generates initial interest, feedback, and buzz around the product, setting the stage for a successful launch. 


Increase your ROI the smart way:  

Whether you need more intense sales support, data driven teams or engaging experiences, we have something for you this peak season. Available whenever you need it, in any region, agile teams, data reads and quick-to-set-up experiences are flexible options available to brands to keep costs down, but sales up! 


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